Get off my lawn!

A few minutes after this photo was taken, the toddler had a meltdown of epic proportions. The perpetrator is that duck in the corner there.

She yelled to him as he ate the bread that she threw to him, “That mine! That mine! That mine!” 

The concept of feeding the ducks is completely lost on this one. 

She got so upset, she sat down and started blowing bubbles at the duck. I’m not sure what the logic was there – maybe she was hoping she could blow a bubble big enough to encompass the duck and carry him the fuck away from here. Somewhere like Canada. 

Instead, she got bubble solution in her mouth and all over her hands and then she tried to eat some grass. Some kid came over to me and said, “My mom says there’s something wrong with her.”

Let me show your mom what’s wrong, kid, with this knuckle sandwich.

Rage Against the Machine is blasting in the minivan right now. Because it’s the weekend. Finally. 


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