Look what I made and maybe I can rap

Setting a good example

8-year-old: I made a saloon in Minecraft.

Me: Do you have a name for this bar? 

8-year-old [clears throat]: It’s a saloon. I thought maybe the creepers would like to have a nice cold one before I kill them.

Me: How considerate of you. Do you even know what having a cold one even means?

8-year-old: Of course, I’m not an idiot. When you have a cold one, you get one of those adult drinks outta the refrigerator, you sit on the sofa, watch some really bad T.V., fall asleep and then when you wake-up, you complain about everything.

Me: Where d’ya learn that from? 

8-year-old: Watching you. 

Anything you can do I can do better

And another reason why I’m just as cool as a Hollywood starlet . . . I know the words, too, Sandra Bullock! Okay – maybe only when I’ve had a little to drink and maybe I just mouth the words because I don’t really know what The Sugarhill Gang is saying. 

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