Don’t even talk to me about Senior Prom


I may have posted this picture before, but I was talking to my mom earlier and she didn’t recall all those times we had the same fucking haircut.

I thought it would be cool to get a bob after sporting long hair for two year. My mom thought it would be cute if she got a bob as well. We looked exactly the same. There are pictures of my mom and me standing side by side where I am just glaring at her.

I don’t even see myself in this picture. All I see is my mom.

Anyway, I didn’t have anyone to ask to my Senior Prom. I didn’t know a lot of guys – going to an all girls school didn’t help me. So I just went with a bunch of friends.

My mom asked me why I didn’t ask oneof our next door neighbors to the prom. Seriously, Mom? I think he’s in the eighth grade! 

And then she had the gall to say, Then take your Dad.

Do you want me to wear a paper bag over my head? Is that my fate, Mom?

Stop being so dramatic. At least your make-up wouldn’t get ruined.

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