Cat videos say this is the one thing I have in common with cats

wet cat videos

I like wasting time. Let me look at cat videos

Somehow, between the hours of midnight and six a.m., I managed to lose my phone. This seems to happen frequently and it is doing something wicked to my brain.

I was frantic this morning, bordering on frightened.

How am I supposed to pay for my tall soy green tea latte at Starbucks? With my debit card? Sacre bleu!

I’m not sure how the phone disappeared since I was asleep during that time.

Did Carl give me Ambien again and I can’t fucking remember? This Agatha Chrsitie novel just turned into a Stephen King nightmare too quickly.

What is going on up in here?

I gently nudged Carl and asked him if he had seen my phone. He grunted and pulled the blanket over his head.

Some people have shitty attitudes in the morning.

I stared at him, trying to will him awake. Apparently, I don’t have mind powers.

I spent 45 goddamn minutes looking for my cell phone like an asshole – throwing clothes nilly willy, yelling in the kitchen, coaxing my memory to remember anything resembling my cell phone and all I came up with are a pair of dirty socks at the back of the closet.

My chest hurt, I needed to use my inhaler and what was stopping me from carrying around a flask?

The toddler went over to the bed, lifted up my pillow and revealed my cell phone.

I realize I have a serious problem. I need to get rid of my phone. What would happen if we all just got rid of all our cell phones?

The apocalypse, perhaps?

Then I found this cat video: this is me searching for my phone. Except picture a lot more stumbling and swearing. And probably some eating for comfort

5 thoughts on “Cat videos say this is the one thing I have in common with cats

    1. Well, it was 420 yesterday.

      Your cat is cute and also is three times heavier than both of my dogs combined, but then a bag of apples is heavier than they are.

      I guess I need to get a cat so I can do cat videos.

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