Eyes wide open

Today I’m still feeling broken, lost and certain.

I cried for two days thinking about all the people that may be alienated under this new presidency. How do I explain this to my kids who Carl and I have raised to be empathetic and loving humans?

As an immigrant and a woman who lives in the South, what new obstacles will I have to tackle and overcome in this new era? What about my kids?

I keep telling myself this cannot be the world we live in right now: an unqualified, Tang-colored monster has become the President-elect of this country I love.

But then I stopped crying and realized I need to work harder so children can grow up unafraid of their future, unafraid of judgement, unafraid of the world around them.

I take comfort in the fact that people feel just like me: we will all fight for the things we have always believed in, we will stand up for the people that need our voices and we will never back down in the face of hatred.

But now, we will do it with even more conviction, even louder voices and we will stand taller than we’ve ever stood before.

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