This is what happens when your brain is fried

And you have both feet in the grave.

At my local grocery store, there is a tiny section of shelves that holds imported foods from the UK: biscuits, chocolates, chutneys, jams and other stuff I can devote an entire day to eating.

I’d like to believe they set these shelves up just for me because these are things I loved as a child. No, I did not grow up in the UK and neither did my parents. However, we were always in Canada a few times a month visiting relatives and I was introduced to the glory of British chocolates.

No one is ever in this section. EVER. I get the occasional strange glances from grocery employees because I probably spend too much time there. Or maybe they think I’m stealing stuff. I don’t know. I did zip up my pants, right?

Yesterday, for the first time in a long time, they had Aero bars manufactured by Nestle in York, UK. The UK bars have been really hard to find.

I thought there was some controversy where Nestle US decided to make the Aero and stopped importing the UK bars and British expats were upset as hell because it tasted different. Something to do with licensing or trademarking or some other word I don’t really know the definition of.

There was a New York Times article. . . okay. I found the New York Times article and I didn’t remember it properly AT ALL. As usual. At least I got the British chocolate part right. *slams head into wall – repeatedly.

I guess the point of my stupid story is that I bough a bunch of Aero bars yesterday at the store and biscuits and chutneys instead of picking up the kids from school.

3 thoughts on “This is what happens when your brain is fried

  1. hee hee! I get UK chocolate all the time! hello, Canadian here!
    just a few minutes ago i wolfed down a Cadbury dairy milk bar( just like the one in the picture in the article exept HUGE! 100grams of yummy)
    you so hate me right now don’t you?
    an import i’d love to find is from Trinidad, where I lived for a couple yrs as a teen. loved krapok. these really colourful puffed schrimp chips. they looked like little plastic bits that you threw in hot oil and they puffed up. funny I loved them since I hate all seafood exept for the yearly tuna sandwich.
    also loved Hops- these baked balls of bread buns that were a weekly thing my parents took me on a drive up to the mountains for. crusty crunchy hard crust with the lightest airy bread inside. mmmmm droool
    I have a recipe for them but no one i know is good at handmaking bread. my bread skills are dough from the bread machine formed into a loaf pan and baked so that the slices fit in my toaster.
    Thanks! it’s almost midnight and I want more food

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