I’d Take Credit For This Stuff If I Could

I mean to post this last Friday, but I cleaned our bathroom instead and after five minutes, I gave up and stared at some laundry for awhile before eating lunch and staring into the neighbor’s window as she worked on her computer. I think she’s having an online affair. Either that or she’s actually working, like I should be right now).


You know how it is… nothing fits, muffin top jokes abound and you seriously consider wearing a muumuu and then quickly realize you could just wear pregnancy clothes, forever (*cries quietly. Or is this just me?). Read Kvetch Mom’s denim journey. And screw you, Gap girl!

Chimaeras, angels, graviels, an ancient war and a girl who doesn’t really know who she is = The Daughter of Smoke and Bone.

Lamebook. Need I say more?


I’ve only watched one episode of Downton Abbey, but thought these trading cards were pretty funny. Okay, I have no idea what they mean, but people who watch the show will get a big kick out of them, I think.

Where the hell were these Skallops when I was trying to build the Taj Mahal with 49 playing cards?


I thought I had accomplished a big feat by cleaning the fridge, but then I saw this video and my fridge-cleaning victory didn’t seem so monumental anymore. Although, I did finally throw that greenish black thing at the back of the fridge no one wanted to touch for a year.

I heart the Corridor Digital guys. If this doesn’t make you jump with glee, we can’t be friends.

And who doesn’t love a pole-dancing mama?

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