I’m a Bitter Girl

To all those boys in high school who didn’t give me a sideways glance, a double-take, a call to ask me to the dance – you probably still live at home and your mom still does your laundry.

To all those boys in college who didn’t give me flowers, cards, the time of day – you probably have a comb-over and wear Crocs.

You nauseate me, Valentine’s Day.

Yet I took the time to look for some V-Day cards and do this mini slideshow. WTF? There is no method to my madness.

Zombie courtesy of Tina Seamonster
You’ll Do courtesy of The Letter Bird
Stole Yer Bike courtesy of Snarky Cards
I Love You courtesy of Neat Things
Heartpuke courtesy of Meish
Happy Now courtesy of Meish
The Two Coreys courtesy of Sweet Perversion

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