My Brain Stops Working at 10am

And this conversation occurred at 11am.

Client: So I was thinking you could take on this project for me. I’ll need you for a few months.

Me: Well, I…

Client: It’ll be awesome. C’mon!

At this point of the conversation, I should’ve said “no. Hell to the no!” then throw my phone on the ground and bash it a few hundred times with my shoe or a spatula or something. Instead, I said:

Okay. Sure. Why not?

Holy fuckballs. I don’t have time for this. What the hell was I thinking? A peek into my shallow my mind:

  • Bills need to get paid or else I won’t be able to waste time watch all the episodes of Felicity Dexter on Netflix the DVR
  • I can’t say no. How do you think I got stuck feeding my neighbor’s cat (that I hate. and am allergic to) while my neighbor visits some exotic locale like Tulsa. Or was it Cincinnati? 
  • I must acquire this dollhouse. So I can be an asshole. With an expensive dollhouse

  • I love working with a baby screaming in my ear. LOVE. IT.

Today’s a wash. I better go back to sleep.
*Image of super expensive dollhouse courtesy of Brinca Dada

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