Not. Again.

Carl: What are you doing?

Me: Writing.

Carl: It looks like you’re eating.

Me: I’m writing in my head while I eat. It’s called multi-tasking. Take note.

Carl: We just had dinner a few minutes ago. You said you were stuffed.

Me: [dagger eyes]

Carl: Anyways…

Me: So I’m writing for my new blog.

Carl: ?

Me: What?

Carl: It’s just…

Me: Listen. I’ve done this before. You may remember me from such memorable turns on the Internet like..

Me: Details.

Carl: Did you just eat all that pie?

Me: [mouth full of said pie, shaking head] What pie?

I watch as Carl walks away from me, his head in his hands. If he wanted some pie, he should’ve said something.

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