I’d take credit for “lady garden” if I could

Although I’m lazy, I still managed to get a shit-load of stuff done this week:
  • Monday – spent more than THREE hours looking at dogs that need to be rescued 
  • Tuesday – swept the gross hair ball under the fridge for the fourth time – that stuff is stubborn
  • Wednesday – made Carl an anniversary card after realizing it probably wasn’t cool to give him the same from last year and just cross out the date
  • Thursday – put the clean, unfolded laundry in the baby’s crib (that was Tuesday)
  • Friday – made cupcakes at 1:00 am because I was starving and somehow the thought of eating sprouted grain bread with a slice of cheese wasn’t very appetizing
  • Friday – had this convo in Twitter with @El_nacho_Nigre where we had a profound discussion
There are other people around who aren’t as lazy as me and a lot more creative and funny…
Take Sarah Johnson for instance. She created a series of animations of Batman doing everyday Joe Shmoe things.
Or there’s The Bloggess who was on CNN today and she said lady garden. You read that right.
Then there’s Jeff Desom who created a Rear Window timelapse http://vimeo.com/37120554

And some Twitter gold:

Alas, it’s raining here today so that means another productive day of playing on the kids’ Xbox while they clean their rooms.

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