Surprisingly, someone in the Netherlands can stomach The Wiggles

Netflix account got hacked by someone in the Netherlands

My Netflix account got hacked by someone from the Netherlands. Or maybe it was someone close by, but they just routed their info through a series of networks in  Europe.

I don’t know how these things work. The closes thing I ever got to hacking was trying to forge my parents’ signature on a report card where I got a B because I was too scared to show it to them. Asian disappointment leads to guilt which leads to comfort eating.

Asian disappointment leads to guilt which leads to comfort eating. Click To Tweet

Yeah, I know: the root of all my problems.

Back to the hacker: they love watching The Wiggles, Adam Sandler movies and Monkeybone with Brendan Fraser. Did you know I went to school with Brendan? Sort of. He was in eighth grade when I was in the third grade. He never spoke to me).

And everything was watched with subtitles.

English subtitles.

People are trying to fuck with me.

I spent almost 45 minutes chatting with ‘John’ at Netflix last night. I changed my email address twice. Changed my password twice. Logged out of all devices several times.

John told me if I took all these safety precautions, my account will be safe – most definitely! 

This guy used more exclamation points than I do and my trust issues started to rear its ugly head.

I told him I took said safety precautions several weeks ago and my account still got hacked by, I’m assuming, the same Dutch hacker. There’s a long pause, as if he’s building suspense, and then he types everything he just said minutes earlier. TWICE.

I feel like I’m conversing with a robot. And ohmygod, did I chat with Skynet? *Shudders. If your Netflix account gets hacked, don’t chat with John.

Can someone please explain The Wiggles to me? Because I’m too heebejeebied out to watch even one minute of that show. Even the toddler shakes her head no when she sees them on Netflix. And this is someone who picks shit up from the floor and licks it.

4 thoughts on “Surprisingly, someone in the Netherlands can stomach The Wiggles

  1. in order to comment with knowledge, I decided to watch an ep of the wiggles on youtube. got exactly 1:11mins in and turned it off. nope nope nope. give me catchy tunes from the backyardigans please.. still love this one:
    yes I am listening while i type. I like a calypso kind of beat. sue me

    my niece shares her netflix with me and she’d find that i marathon watch Grace and Frankie eps. that is it. I’m really deep

    1. What the hell? You weren’t actually supposed to go and subject yourself to torture!

      And yes, The Backyardigans is much, much better. Natch.

      Grace and Frankie? I approve.

      1. I had to see what the wiggles were! my 3yr old great nephew loves them, shudder.
        Have you seen the classic Canadian torture show Calliou? pronounced “kiy you”
        big bald whiney child.
        by the way Calliou means lollipop.

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