When you have a James Bay hat, every day is the weekend

Maybe if I wear a James Bay hat AND skinny jeans, the hipsters won’t shun me completely and leave me to die on the side of the road

Forget James Bay singing. The comments the women are saying in this video are the highlight here. Goddamn predators.

Don’t you kinda wanna brush his hair? Not me because I’m not some weirdo. You.

Also, I will probably go to some type of hell for clicking on this article yesterday asking me if Chris Hemsworth’s dad is hot (well, it did say it was an investigation, so I was expecting some type of deep journalistic research. Sort of).

My god, what the fuck have I done? I feel like I’ve crossed into some unchartered territory and I don’t belong here.  Like raisins in chocolate chip cookies. Amiright?

Thor’s dad does look a lot like Joseph Biden, who, as politicians go, is easy on the eyes. Especially when you don’t have 20/20 vision. *Pushes glasses up to watch VP Biden walk from one side of my television to the other.

This is what happens when you have unlimited interwebs access. Carl wants to throw my phone away, but he can’t seem to separate me from my phone, despite his multiple Mission: Impossible efforts.

What stupid things are you clicking on?

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