Why are my sexts getting lost in translation?

woman sexting

Also, I get confused easily

Me: Don’t forget to remind me to send you that article I was telling  you about.

Carl: What’s it about?

Me: Well, it’s… hold on. I can’t quite. . . I’m not. . .

Carl: Don’t hurry – I don’t want you to strain yourself there. I’m here for a another decade or so.

Me: I’ll just text you a link, okay?

A few seconds later. . . 

Carl’s phone dings

Me: Who’s that?

Carl: What?

Me: Ugh. You’re phone. Who is texting you at (looks at phone) one in the morning! My god.

Carl: (casually walks over to his phone and looks at it, grins) It’s you, hot stuff. The link to the article you sent me?

Me: Yeah, well. It’s friggin’ good article.

There’s something wrong with us, right?

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